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Regressing with the King’s Power

[By the studio that brought you <Solo Leveling> and <Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint>!] “I’ll eat all your skills!”, ‘f*ck this awakening bullshit’, ‘To hell with being a loser.’ Kim Taehyun, whose awakening level remainsThe life of an unawakened, where condescendence, disdain, and harassment are the norm. Damned loser… Damned life… Damned awakening…! And at the damned moment of death, I encountered “King,” a strange being. With blindingly bright light, my second life began. But this time, it’s different. Because this time, I’m an Awakened too! I will devour those who stand in my way, and I will never bow my head down to someone ever again.

- 11/03/2023 - - 11/20/2023 -
- Ahn So-seol -
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